What is Detox

named diets Detox They are in fashion in recent years and people want to know what Detox is. What does it mean? There are hundreds of people asking questions about this name. Those who have tried it say that you cannot leave this life without having tried it. Have you? Do you know what detox is?

So what is Detox?

what is detox

what is detox

In principle it is called Detox to the deep cleaning that a person does with the body. In this way, toxins and waste that the body takes a long time to eliminate are eliminated. If the right diet is chosen, the remains of harmful external agents that accelerate aging and free radicals can be completely removed. In short, the answer to what is detox is: a diet that has this name because it has the objective of being antioxidant, antiox and antiaging. The name Detox comes from a mixture of detoxifying and antioxidant, call detoxification, aka, Detox.

Now that you know what detox is, look at the qualities it has. When starting a Detox diet it is important to know that there are two stages through which they must pass. The first is a totally purifying phase which usually appears at the beginning of the activity. The second is a antioxidant stage that emerges after the first part. It achieves debugging and is the one that takes the longest. These processes can alternate with each other.

When to do Detox diets?

It is recommended that at least once a year the body go through a detox. In this period you have to eliminate all the waste that the body accumulated in the past and does not need.

How to do detoxifying diets?

In general, these diets consist of carrying out a routine based on fruits and vegetables. To this we must add that it is very important to ingest a large amount of liquid, especially water, infusions and natural juices, during fasting. You can find much more information throughout the Detox Diet official website, which is where you are right now.

Can Detox diets cause side effects?

We are not going to lie to you. Sometimes people are likely to go through states such as body tiredness, headache, bad breath, and irritability because of the nutritional imbalance that occurs and the body is not used to it. However, this is only while dieting and, ultimately, It is to help your body Do not you believe it?

How long do you have to do Detox diets?

Now that you know what a detox is, it is important to know how much time you should dedicate to this routine. Detox diets are usually carried out for various periods, never older than 21 days, which is our longest and most famous diet. You can find all the Detox diets by dates in our index of Detox diets. Behind this, all toxins and waste will have been removed. However, nutritional instability occurs and the body needs to recover muscle mass and energy that was not recovered in that week. In summary, It is a diet that helps cleanse the body. It is up to everyone to use it or not.

You already know what Detox is. We haven't hidden anything from you and now it's your turn to decide if you want to become a healthy and healthy person!


  1. overweight on 05/07/2014 Reply

    Thanks for everything, really. I tried all kinds of diets but only the detox diet worked for me to lose the 15 kilos that I had left over, I am delighted and I recommend it to everyone!!

    • How long did you do it in?
      My name is Cho, and I'm desperate to lose weight. To tell the truth I have little time to achieve it. Can you tell me what you did to get it?

  2. valentine on 10/12/2014 Reply

    I am 13 years old, but lately I have not been feeling well and I feel that I must "fix" or "help" my body. Can I do this type of diet or is it only for adults?

    • Mark on 30/12/2014 Reply

      Detox diets are also recommended for minors but doing them in shorter periods. We recommend that before doing any of the diets you first visit your doctor for a check-up and confirm that you can follow a diet of these characteristics 🙂

    • anais vasquez on 25/01/2015 Reply

      Valentina sorry I'm late!!!!! First time I get on this page and your comment has given me a terrible scare. I study nutrition and dietetics. I tell you that it is better that you visit your doctor and that he refer you to a nutritionist (who will recommend a balanced and adequate diet for you totally personalized that will keep you healthy with good growth and within your weight range) you are In a period of growth, I see from your age that you are also in a period of puberty, also in a school learning stage, according to my knowledge FOR NOTHING IN THE WORLD YOU SHOULD CONSUME LESS THAN THE CALORIES RECOMMENDED FOR YOU than in the case of Venezuela for 13 years they are 1297kcal and in the case of doing physical activity the minimum is 1920kcal, which must be divided into 11 to 14% of proteins, 20 to 30 % of fats and 56 to 69% of carbohydrates. You can look for your kcal recommendations in the table of reference values of your country. NONE AND READ CAREFULLY NONE of these detox diets will cover your DAILY REQUIREMENT OF KCAL or protein or fat and ALL THOSE REQUIREMENTS AND RECOMMENDATIONS (taking carbohydrates as fats YES DEAR VALENTINA ALL FOOD GROUPS ARE SUPER IMPORTANT) ARE IMPORTANT BECAUSE: They are the ones that will help your body to produce hormones, so that the neurons can communicate, to keep you energized, to think and understand faster and above all to have a weight well distributed in fat (which is necessary for women in a determined range) and muscle which you will lose with this diet. I could recommend you to consume fruits and vegetables at least three times a day every day, that the consumption be abundant of green vegetables and red fruits, which are the ones that have the highest load of antioxidants (they will help you eliminate free radicals), As well as I also recommend that you consume more whole foods, so that the fiber that is in them helps you to better absorb the nutrients that you consume, in addition to this, a lot of water, the minimum is 8 glasses, which is equal to 1920cc. If you still have doubts, look in googlescholar for scientific studies that support these diets and that talk about the benefits for your health. I also insist that you consult your pediatrician and see a pediatric nutritionist. Do not get carried away by pages or by advice from strangers. HUGS AND KISSES VALENTINA I HOPE YOU MAKE THE RIGHT DECISION BECAUSE A BAD DECISION AT YOUR AGE WILL AFFECT YOU 10 times more than it can affect an adult.

  3. I drink on 19/10/2015 Reply

    Detox plans are really effective if they are done properly, especially if high-quality Detox juices are used, such as Cold Pressed ones 🙂

  4. Catherine Cortes on 14/03/2017 Reply

    What is the maximum frequency to detox? once a month? every 3 months? twice a year? Since the minimum suggestion appears in the information, but what is the optimal one?
    Thank you!

  5. Edgar on 03/05/2017 Reply

    If everyone knew that detox diets only disrupt your system and favor infections, caloric imbalances, and hormonal imbalances. We humans need vitamins, minerals, amino acids, carbohydrates, lipids for our system to function properly in terms of caloric intake. Obviously, if you submit to drinking pure liquid and low-sugar ingredients, you will lose weight through the metabolic pathway of glycogen, and gluconeogenesis, as well as the degradation of non-carbohydrate agents to obtain glucose, your body needs a recommended dose of each food group. . Our mitochondrial system, in all the cells of the body, has its own detoxifying system and does not need more than the caloric intake that we give it daily. You want to detoxify, go to your licensed nutritionist and pay a consultation so that they can give you a recommended diet for your expectations and goals, in a healthy way and with the help of a professional.
    I am a doctor and professor of biochemistry and molecular biology.
    Do not get carried away by these fashions.

  6. How long did you do it in?
    My name is Cho, and I'm desperate to lose weight. To tell the truth I have little time to achieve it. Can you tell me what you did to get it?

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