detoxify the body of harmful substances making the Detox diet in 3 days It is very simple. You just have to incorporate some habits by applying the three steps of the Detox diet in 3 days: rest, reduce and rebuild.

Rest is easily understood. The reduction is caused by the weightloss and the reconstruction is the change that the cells will undergo after applying the Detox diet in 3 days.

Follow the Detox diet in 3 days at least once a year is recommended by naturopathic doctors, to promote metabolism and restore energy levels.

The Detox diet in three days is low in protein and it guarantees a considerable weight loss although, as in all these types of fast diets, it can be recovered as quickly as it was lost if healthy habits are not followed after it. Being the Detox diet of fewer days, it is easier for the rebound effect since the body does not get used to the changes so quickly and it must be avoided at all costs that when finishing the diet we return to ingesting a large amount of processed products as we did before starting the diet.

Even so, the Detox diet in 3 days is not so strict such as 5, 10 or 21 days, since it includes some non-vegetable foods to make it more bearable for everyone.

The body needs to be forced to detox through a specific diet from time to time and this is what the detox diets like Detox, since the low quality of the food we currently eat fills our body with substances that are undesirable for our health.

For all this it is important consult our doctor before following the Detox diet in 3 days.

During the Detox diet in 3 days there are some forbidden foods: meat, milk, processed foods, alcohol, salt and coffee. The diet will be very rich in fluid intake: water, (green) tea, vegetable soup and juices.

Detox diet example in 3 days

Breakfast: cereals rich in fiber, with fruit and oats and nuts, accompanied by a juice.

Lunch: slice of wholemeal bread with low-fat peanut butter (we can make it ourselves by chopping peanuts with a little water in a blender to give it a creamy texture), a piece of fruit (preferably orange) and two glasses of water or an infusion (ingesting liquid will help us feel full).

Food: Vegetable soup and lentil, soy or any other vegetable burger, accompanied with wheat bread, a slice of low-fat cheese and vegetables of your choice. Drink juice, tea or water with food.

Afternoon snack: a piece of fruit and two glasses of water.

Dinner: an omelet with vegetables, with whole grain bread and a light, low-fat dessert.


Good luck with your Detox diet in 3 days! You will feel lighter and healthier.